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Our charters are flown in a GPS equipped Cessna Crusader, a twin engine, cabin class aircraft. That means we have an "air stair" door and a center aisle for ease in boarding and in getting to your seat. Some of our other features include air conditioning, weather radar (to help us detect and avoid any severe weather), deicing equipment, club seating (for easy conversation), and a writing desk (for finishing paperwork).

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Advantages of Charter
Over driving:
  • Four times faster than driving.
  • Less fatigue upon arrival.
  • Able to work enroute.
  • Able to make several calls in one day and return home - that means fewer
    days away from the office and less overnight expense.

Over the Airlines:
  • Departures and arrivals are at a local airport.
  • No "early arrival" is required.
  • There are no congested ticket, security, or baggage lines.
  • You will fly direct to your destination - no layovers, connecting flights, or
     round about routes.
  • Two, three, or four travel for the price of one.
  • You set the schedule - and you can change it: delay departure, add an
     intermediate stop, leave early, etc..

A greater selection of destinations is available - over 5000 airports compared to 500 served by airlines.
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